[Hyperledger TSC] Defining Performance metrics for Provenance

Sofia Terzi <sterzi@...>

Hi all,

@Vipin and @ Mark

It will be great to work together on this. It was in our intentions to define use case specific smart contracts for various areas and supply chain was the use case we started with. We are currently writing down a list of business cases and their according use cases, you can take a look here https://wiki.hyperledger.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=6422891, which will be decomposed to specific smart contracts per case. After that we will work on each specific smart contract to define them, things like necessary input - processing - output etc. and come up with standards.

I will add you invitation to our SC wiki page and I will inform everyone on our call on Wednesday 19 of June at 3pm GMT for this invitation to be recorded and added to the notes. Or even better, you are both welcome to attend and explain your concept and your vision of this collaboration for a comprehensive solution. Consider me in :-)



Στις 12/6/2019 10:35 μ.μ., ο mark wagner έγραψε:


The Performance and Scale Working Group (PSWG) is looking to define performance metrics for supply chain provenance. Vipin has written up a quick overview for us to start the work.

We are hoping to collaborate with other groups and projects looking at supply chain and smart contracts in order to ensure that we get things right. So my ask is that folks from the different HL groups can aid us in our efforts. The payoff is that at the end of this process there will be something that can be used to benchmark Provenance use cases.


Mark Wagner
Chair - Performance and Scale Working Group