Changes to Hyperledger-hosted Zoom meetings

Ry Jones

On September 27 Zoom is implementing a mandatory functionality change. Zoom will now enforce all meetings to have either a passcode or a waiting room. If no passcode is enabled, attendees will automatically be placed into a waiting room and the meeting hosts will need to add the attendees to the meeting manually.


You should be looking for updated meeting invites from that contain an embedded passcode as part of the zoom meeting URL. These notices will be tagged with #cal-invite.


Please be sure to sync your calendars if the updates are not reflected on your calendar tools. You can always subscribe to the calendar feed to stay up to date with any meeting changes by following the instructions below:


Opt into a Hyperledger subgroup mailing list (if you wish to receive calendar updates and subscribe to calendar feed) 

  • Log into

  • Click on Subgroups to the left and this will display the list of available subgroups for Hyperledger 

  • Navigate to the subgroup of your choice

  • Click +Join This Group toward the near bottom of the page and this will add you to the group.

Subscribe to a meeting calendar

  • Login to for the specific Hyperledger list you are interested in

  • For example, click the "Your Calendar" icon on the left:

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page

  • Click the "Subscribe to Calendar" button

  • copy the URL that is generated

  • Paste the URL using whatever method your calendar reader uses for internet calendar subscriptions

All Hyperledger public meetings can also be viewed on the wiki.