Hyperledger TSC Election Call for Nominations Ending Soon

David Boswell

Now is the time to nominate yourself or somebody else for the Technical Steering Committee (TSC) election. The nomination period closes in two days on Friday, Sep 17 at Midnight Pacific Time (-7 GMT) so send in your nominations soon.

To nominate somebody, first ask them to confirm that they would like to be nominated, then use the following email template, with the subject line "TSC election nomination" and send it to election@...:

Dear Election Committee,

I nominate myself/<nominee's name> for the TSC election. My/their email address is <email>.


<your name>

Voting for the TSC election will start on October 1.  To make sure you are eligible to vote, visit the Hyperledger Voter Eligibility Check and check your email address:


If the information we have for you is incorrect or if you're not showing up, please email election@... and we will help.