Hyperledger TSC Election Call for Nominations

David Boswell

This year's Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee (TSC) election will happen from October 1 to 15, 2021.  The election will include active contributors who have been nominated to run as candidates.  We are now opening the call for nominations and this process will run through September 17.

To nominate somebody, first ask them to confirm that they would like to be nominated then use the following email template with the subject line "TSC election nomination" and send it to election@...:

Dear Election Committee,

I nominate myself or <nominee's name> for the TSC election. My or their email address is <email>.


<your name>

After you have emailed your nomination, please also create a nomination statement on the Hyperledger wiki and include the following information: nominee name, nominated by, short personal bio and a short personal pitch about why someone should consider voting for them.

If you have any questions about the election process, please feel free to write to election@....