Paper on Optimizing the Validation Phase of Hyperledger Fabric

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Hi Folks

I had a brief discussion with Harris Javaid and David McIntyre from Xilinx at the Hyperledger Member Summit recently held in Tokyo. Harris and his colleagues have written a paper on Optimizing the Validation Phase of Hyperledger Fabric.

I hope to have some the research team talk with the PSWG at a future meeting.


From the abstract.

Optimizing Validation Phase of Hyperledger Fabric

Blockchain technologies are on the rise, and Hyperledger Fabric is one of the most popular permissioned blockchain platforms. In this paper, we re-architect the validation phase of Fabric based on our analysis from fine-grained breakdown of the validation phase's latency. Our optimized validation phase uses a chaincode cache during validation of transactions, initiates state database reads in parallel with validation of transactions, and writes to the ledger and databases in parallel. Our experiments reveal performance improvements of 2x for CouchDB and 1.3x for LevelDB. Notably, our optimizations can be adopted in a future release of Hyperledger Fabric.
Mark Wagner
Senior Principal Software Engineer
Performance and Scalability
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