Re: How to create a test with asset ownership? #fabric

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Hi Luiz,


check out the following pending PR and documentation about a new Fabric adapter, which is quite flexible regarding the dynamic registration of users (affiliations, attributes, choosing the TX submitter).





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Subject: [Hyperledger Caliper] How to create a test with asset ownership? #fabric


Hi all,

We have a test case where multiple orgs can put assets into a blockchain, but only its "owner" can alter the asset's state. The owner is identified by the MspId of the transaction.
Is there a way to pass (or create) the context of the owner organization to the callback?

To illustrate: = function() {
let asset  = asset_array[count++];
tx = {
'transaction_type': 'AlterAsset',

//contx must be the context of the owner of the asset.
bc.invokeSmartContract(contx, 'mychannel', '0', [tx], 100);


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