Re: HL Iroha library updated!

Nikolay Yushkevich <nikolai@...>

Dear friends,

Please use non-platform dependent library from this repository: 

We answer in Hyperledger Rocket.Chat #iroha channel immediately. Please stay in touch with us.

Best regards,


17 янв. 2019 г., в 4:38, Panyu (B) <PY.panyu@...> написал(а):

Thanks for Sara’s informing and PM Nikolai’s supporting.
The supporting of iroha’s new version is already in the development.  Hope the progress would go well.
Yu Pan
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Hello, Caliper team! 
As I previously informed in chat, we updated the library.
Some important questions occurred on it though, so I am adding Iroha PM Nikolai to this thread, so he could answer the questions about new library. 
Hope we will have updated version very soon! 
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