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mark wagner <mwagner@...>


have you looked at Hyperledger Caliper ?
I am wondering if your work would fit in there?

also, the Hyperledger Performance and Scale team would like to hear more about your efforts, Can we setup some time for someone from your team come and share more information about your efforts ?


On Mon, Jan 7, 2019 at 5:09 AM <vramakr2@...> wrote:
Hi All,

We have compiled a benchmark suite to calibrate Hyperledger Fabric performance on network topology of one's choice and using easily configurable load and traffic parameters. The suite consists of open-source applications (chaincode as well as argument generators) that cover a range of real-world application patterns. The toolkit also allows users to easily import their (custom) applications, describe a network structure consisting of peers, CAs and orderers, and trigger a performance evaluation procedure that begins by provisioning machines and ends with a report consisting of throughput and latency numbers. Other analytic tools for post-hoc bottleneck analysis can also be configured.

We would like to contribute this feature to `hyperledger/fabric-test` and have opened a JIRA item to track it: Please offer your thoughts and suggestions there.

Thank you,

Other team members for contact:
Takanori Ueda (tkueda@...), Tatsushi Inagaki (E29253@...), Yohei Ueda (yohei@...), Moriyoshi Ohara (ohara@...)

Mark Wagner
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