Minutes June 15th Maintainers Call

Jonathan Hamilton

Greetings everyone, here are the key outcomes I captured from our Maintainers Call today.  Please respond with anything missed or misstated.


1.       @DOBEN PDF Feedback on Whitepaper

a.       Discussed alignment in principle.  Requested to open an issue to track overall improvement need and submit individual pull requests for detailed feedback.


2.       Phase Out Support for Node 10x

a.       Approved


3.       All outstanding pull request reviews - sorted by date and time of opening, starting with the oldest outstanding ones.

a.       161 – request to contributor to trace commit and timestamp from baseline

b.       162 - approved, discussed use of Test Anything Protocol & to include definition of it in Contributors

c.       168 - approved

d.       172 - approved, with work to add in separate examples in another PR

e.       173 - approved

f.        174 - approved

g.       175 - approved, templating would need to be in another PR

h.       179 - Peter will investigate where additional comments went

i.         184 - approved, at a later point we will refactor from Javascript to Typescript & test automation




Be well!

Jonathan Hamilton

OOO June 4

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