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Somogyvari, Peter

Hi Rafael,

I signed up on Overleaf. Email address is the same I'm sending this from.
Personally, I like the idea of being involved and can commit to making some headway on the performance benchmark angle (I was going to anyway but this is great to have a little extra push 🙂)

Kind regards,

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Hello everyone.
I believe it would be extremely beneficial to Hyperledger Cactus to have
a scientific paper detailing Cactus' mission, design, and
implementation, written by maintainers and contributors. As a reference,
check Fabric's paper: 
(over 13k reads, hundreds of citations).

In fact, after the scientific paper on Fabric was published, the usage
of that blockchain by academics and the industry skyrocketed. Moreover,
the timing is good: academic and industry research on interoperability
problems is emerging at a very fast pace. This is a good opportunity to
catch the next wave.

As confirmed by some maintainers, the academic paper is compatible with
Cactus' mission. People interested in contributing please ping me so I
can give you write access to the paper, written in the collaborative
platform Overleaf.

Possible conferences to submit:
DSN (   - dec)
ATC (  - january)


Rafael Belchior
Ph.D. student in Computer Science and Engineering, Blockchain - Técnico

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