Hyperledger burrow: How could I create new account in existing burrow chain at run time?


Hello Team,

I am trying to create a new account into my existing chain.

I am facing few issue while adding the account:

Current I'm trying using monax CLI to create new chain like : $ monax chains mychain --account-types=Participant:1 --unsafe. But this overrides the mychain_participant_000 file in mychain directory(this is my burrow chain name) and it create the genesis.json file with 1 account address only,  of that respective newly added participant user. I am looking to append my participant list in mychain directory along with its newly created genesis file.

Currently my configuration is as follow:

  • GO version : [1.9.3]
  • Burrow version : [0.17.1]
  • Monax version : [0.18.0]
  • Docker version : [ 17.12.0-ce]
  • Operating system: [Linux -Ubuntu 16.0.4 LTS]

Steps I have reproduced yet:
  • Created a new chain:
    • $ monax chains mychain --account-types=Full:1,Participant:5 --unsafe
       Which created a new chain name mychain with full account 1 and 5 Participant user.
  • Used @monax/leagacy-contract npm to deploy my smart contract on mychain.(PFA deploy.js file )
  • Using same npm package of legacy-contract I was able to communicate to my smart contract.(PFA app.js file)
  • But currently I'm looking to add new user in my current running chain "mychain". The need for this is : to create a sign up functionality, for each successful sign up I want to provide the respective user a new account of Participant role.
I am looking something similar to which work in Ethereum blockchain using web3 like "web3.personal.newAccount(<password>)" which work on rpc endpoint. So I can store specific data for that specific user which links to its user address in blockchain.
  •   Is there any similar way through which I can create new account in existing chain dynamically through RPC endpoint or monax CLI?

Looking for your response. Thanks in advance.

Thanks and Regards,
Gaurav Agarwal, Software Engineer
Harbinger Knowledge Product Pvt ltd.

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