Re: Note-worthy release: Burrow 0.20.1 - 'All The Things'

Christopher Ferris



On Aug 17, 2018, at 9:18 AM, Silas Davis via Lists.Hyperledger.Org <> wrote:

Greetings Marmota,

tl;dr we've just released a new Burrow, and it's a good one, grab it here: 

Over the past year Burrow has been refactoring itself into a fast (well for an EVM) and light Tendermint-based blockchain. We had a certain amount of technical debt to eliminate and we had a lot of tooling to consolidate.

Version 0.20.1: is something of a milestone to that end. For changes leading up please see full changelog: 

This release and those releases leading up to it make some significant improvements to the Burrow project, its tool, and the node itself. Most notable are:

- Rewired with protobuf types and GRPC interfaces across the board (see: for robust integration points and RPC layers replacing previous multiple RPCs

- Tendermint 0.22.8 - including a vast number of improvements

- Powerful ETL / execution event service: to drive downstream services from smart contract events

- Integrated key signing daemon that can act as a key-holding delegate for other services:

- Burrow helm charts for Kubernetes: and the means to generate cluster config with your own template via burrow configure

- Bos our deployment tool is now part of burrow as 'burrow deploy': this includes an Apache2 licensed ABI that we wrote from scratch that allows us to sever our GPL go-ethereum dependency and put contract deployment all under one roof

- Governance framework transactions GovTx allows mutation of validator set (power), native token, permissions and more: this is just the basis for more on-chain governance policies including committee votes and DPOS style decision making

- Burrow.js has been refactored to use our new GRPC interfaces and the contract experience much improved (and better documented): 

- Address-based signing via burrow deploy and transaction server (server-side or client-side signing)

We think this is a good base to build on our focus for future releases is:

- Chain stability (we're eating our own dogfood: and operability (i.e. better cluster debugging, diagnosis)
- EVM / Tendermint / Smart contract bridge - i.e. EVM code that can call non-EVM code, tx escrow to/from public Ethereum, and participation in the wider Cosmos ecosystem
- On-chain governance primitives - smart contract upgrades by popular vote, validator set control of permissions and token distribution.

Feedback, contributions, and possible maintainers very welcome: 


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