Re: Workload Implementation

Dan Anderson

There is an example Java requester (client) in the Avalon source code (the PR was integrated).

I don’t know of any plans/schedule for a specific language to be added for workload processor support (yet).

Is there any language you have in mind?


Adding a requester for another language is a lot easier because it just communicates with Avalon using JSON RPC.


Currently the only access to an external data source from a workload processor  is via the Inside Out API, which allows read/write access to files outside the enclave.  So if it can be opened as a file, or copied to a file, yes, the workload processor can access it. There is an example on how to use the Inside Out API in the docs/ folder.




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Question about implementation of workload.

Have seen FAQ said that only support C++ for now but have PR for java,

and in Hyperledger Avalon Proposal said that can be implemented as python script.

Willing to know is there any plans to support language other than C++ for workload implementation? 


And if I want to access the external data source like IPFS from workload,

is it possible or reasonable to do so?

Any suggestions and guidance will be appreciated.

Thank you.

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