Hyperledger Avalon 0.5 is released now!


Dear Avalon community,
Hyperledger Avalon 0.5 is now officially released in Github here à   https://github.com/hyperledger/avalon/releases/tag/v0.5-pre-release.5
v0.5-pre-release.5 is the release tag.
Thanks everyone for contributing to this release !!
Release notes
This release for Avalon adds support for Proxy Model in Trusted compute specification v1.1. Below are the major features supported.
  • Proxy model support for Ethereum (Hyperledger Besu, Ganache) and Hyperledger Fabric blockchain.
  • Support for Receipt handling for direct model.
  • Single SGX TEE Worker is supported which can contain multiple workloads.
  • External data access from SGX TEE.
  • Improved Avalon modularization and added Dockerfile and Kubernetes deployment files for Avalon components.
  • Sample workloads and client applications.
  • Documentation to build and run Avalon, FAQs and example applications.

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