Helping vet and mentor Hyperledger Technical Ambassador applicants

David Boswell <dboswell@...>

At the Ambassador call yesterday we talked about how Ambassadors can help us vet applications for the program and help mentor people who are close but not fully qualified yet.

For vetting, one action we talked about was reviewing and updating the criteria we have documented about what we're looking for in applicants.  Please take a look at the criteria we have documented at:

Is this information clear enough for you to use to review an application?  If not, what sort of additional information would be useful to add?  And would you be interested in helping us vet applications -- we currently have a backlog that we'd like to work through.

For mentoring, I think it would be helpful to move to a model where we support candidates who meet most, but not all, of the criteria.  For instance, perhaps someone has done good work in the community and just needs help getting a patch accepted.  If that sounds reasonable, we can reach out about mentoring opportunities as these candidates come in.