Blockchain benckmark project Caliper and ReqWG

Huruifeng (Victor) <huruifeng@...>

Hi Clive and all,


Recently I’ve been working with a benchmark project for blockchain named Caliper. It starts with Hyperledger projects and I’m now proposing it to the TSC.

Proposal here:

And code here:


From Marta I learned that Requirement WG is working on a demo which is designed to showcase all Hyperledger frameworks to customers and help them to better understand these projects. Though I didn’t know about any detail of the demo, I think that to some extent Caliper also did this in performance perspective. Maybe the two projects can have a chance to cooperate with each other.


Can you share with me some details of the demo? Also I want to ask for your advices on Caliper projects, and look for opportunities of collaboration between ReqWG and Caliper project.





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