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Dear Clive, all,


Sorry for missing the conf call yesterday. Second Easter Day is a Dutch national holiday, and my family required me to be elsewhere.


Thanks for the minutes. As for

Ø  cross-chain interop.

I am interested in this subject. Do you have any documentation about what was discussed?


The picture below sketches a framework for blockchain interfaces, in line with the functional role model that I presented two weeks ago (see The message is that there can be interoperability at two levels: 1) the blockchain network level and 2) the application level. Which level have you been discussing? Examples, use cases?


Thank you.





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From: hyperledger-requirements-wg-bounces@... [mailto:hyperledger-requirements-wg-bounces@...] On Behalf Of clive boulton
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Subject: [Hyperledger-Requirements-WG] Minutes from Monday, April 17th


The minutes from Monday's Requirements Working Group bi-weekly are here:


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Thank you.